Erik’s Double Decker Livestream Submission.

Erik did a livestream for Revenge of the Gator AND Nemesis. That’s two months worth of games in one. Mad props for the wild background. -RV

Erik Pierson runs the noteworthy Retail Archaeology Youtube Channel. You should check that out!

June: Revenge of the Gator (1990)

Hello Everyone!

Wayward Yokoi Kid Ian Ferguson here to tell you all a smidge about June’s game of the month, Revenge of the Gator! RotG is a pinball game developed by HAL Laboratories in 1989. It has four screens stacked on top of each other, each with their own set of flippers and mini goals, that make up one larger overall pinball machine. If the ball drains out of the bottom screen it gets eaten by a cute little vicious alligator and you move onto the next ball. Much like good ol’ fashioned regular pinball the goal here is to rack up those points and each screen has multiple ways to accomplish this. For instance, hitting the loop on the second screen will activate a slot machine that can award bonuses. Screen three has a bunch of tiny blocks guarding exits that need to be broken by the player’s ball. One way leads to screen three while the other leads to a bonus stage for big points! (are there more bonus stages? Maaaaaaybe?!)

 Here is Sam Keogh with why Revenge of the Gator was his pick for Yokoi Kids’ June Game of the Month:
“I first discovered Revenge of the Gator at my local retro store, in the box of Game Boy games that aren’t even valuable enough to stock, that sits in the back of the store. Being an avid pinballer myself, I decided to pick it up, fully expecting to be disappointed by another budget Game Boy title, but instead was pleasantly surprised by a pinball title that handles extremely well and is full of personality. In the limited library of Game Boy pinball titles, Revenge of the Gator stands among the best!”
Yes indeedy Sam I agree wholeheartedly! RotG is one of my top Game Boy games as well but I’ll dive into that more later this month. It’s a pretty cheap and easy cartridge to find so grab a copy or emulate it and join in the fun! I really look forward to seeing everyone’s contributions this month!
REMEMBER! Anyone can submit! Draw a picture! Write a review! Sculpt an alligator! Bake a thematic cake! Submit audio for our Audio Thing! Above all have a great time!