Nolen Tabner – Quarth Game Snack (late submission)


Nolen was working on this for awhile and ended up scrapping it. The end is a birthday greeting for Yokoi Kid Rick V. aka Me. -RV

Nolen had this to say about this submission:

“Basically, I spent a few hours after work for about a week on making the animated cherub dudes but then I spent waaaaay too long creating configurable bullet pattern generators and enemy wave systems. This was supposed to be a quick experiment and I think I let it get a little out of hand, haha. The biggest problem is that I wrote an entire bullet architecture around the idea that the GPU would render all the bullets but never once did I test the app in a browser (its intended platform). I’m sure I could make it work but I think it’s time to move back to other existing projects. Lesson learned: Test early, test often.”

Nolen Tabner is part of the Yokoi Kid Collective. He is also a fine game designer. Check him out.