Worlds of Power: Mysterium – Rick V

I knew I had a copy of this somewhere. I dug through an old trunk of all my Bruce Coville books and finally found it!

Rick V. does punk things, co-founds Yokoi Kids, and organizes VHS screenings. He has read the Worlds of Power books of Mega Man 2, Blaster Master, Mysterium, and most recently Wizards & Warriors. He is desperate to read the Worlds of Power releases for Shadowgate and Castlevania 2. Check him out.

February 2021 – Mysterium (1991)

Johnny Ketchum really wanted to pick a role playing game for this month. We helped him search for one that matched our under $15 criteria with not much luck. We stumbled upon this weird little mystery dungeon game.

Is it good? I’m not sure yet. I played it for a little this morning and only turned it off because I had other things to do. It’s very interesting though.
Is is confusing? A bit at first. I highly recommend looking at the manual before completely diving in. I also suggest playing it on something with state saves. Because there ant* none!

So play this very overlooked game and let us know if it deserves to be overlooked! You can get it for about $13-$15 or just emulate it.

*You’ll get it once you play the game.