Far Sighted – Rick V.

Look, it’s supposed to be corny. And hey, did you know Gary Larson has been drawing new comics lately?
Also, I enjoy many things about the game. It’s fun, it takes playing in feudal Japan, there are aliens, and the music is good. I just suck at it. I made it to the third level once.

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The Classic Looney Tunes Bosses – Rick V.

I honestly think it’s great that they barely used any Looney Tunes characters as bosses in the Looney Tunes Game Boy Game. Sure, you got Marvin the Martian, Yosemite Sam, and Elmer Fudd. But let’s give props to the either half-assed or possible video game parody bosses! What’s up with the sunglasses frog who does a yoga pose and floats around the room? Why the shit is Bugs Bunny fighting a skeleton dragon at one point?!

My personal favorite is the mummy who just seems to be whistling and minding his own business until Speedy Gonzales and Bugs Bunny barge in and stomp out his happy tune.

It’s actually a fun game and I’m glad it was picked.

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Worlds of Power: Mysterium – Rick V

I knew I had a copy of this somewhere. I dug through an old trunk of all my Bruce Coville books and finally found it!

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Babs’ Actual Break – Rick V.

This game was actually fun. But I don’t think I could stand (or sit) through football level ever again. –Rick V.

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Lock N’ Chase Realization – Rick V.


Lupin, the protagonist robber in Lock N’ Chase is always depicted as a fancy little man. I like to pretend he’s the owner of the banks because how else does he know how to open and close barricades in the banks? The guards just have to put up with this rich buttles shenanigans. –Rick V.

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Your Kirbys – The Yokoi Kids

We made several posts on Twitter about drawing characters from Kirby’s Dreamland. Here’s what we got!

–Game Breaker Studios @RealGBStudios

kirby_by Brett
“Look into my eyes.” –Brett @brettalanbell


– Jason Hamilton @haiirocyon

kirby_by_katie_haydenDrippy Kirby –Katie Hayden

kirby_by_RickV– Rick V. @itsmerickv



Work doodle – Rick V. @itsmerickv


KING DEDEDE (but drawn under two minutes!)

– Josh Nickerson @joshnickerson83

–Ricky Vigil @supercoolnstuff

Mistakes were made.  –Drink A Beer & Play A Game @ABeerAndAGame

dedede_by_RickVDrawn from memory at work. –Rick V. @itsmerickv