The Third Mercenary – Shayne

When I popped in Fortified Zone, I didn’t expect that I’d be done thirty minutes later. My first thought was, “Blink, and you’d miss it”, but despite the short length, I had a fun time; it can be refreshing to play a game that doesn’t beat you down with difficulty.

I wasn’t sold on the soundtrack until the caves: a sweet track that has more depth and a longer loop than the other stages. Weapons/ammo and medkits were plentiful, and attacks were pretty easy to dodge. The game did a great job of making me feel like a bad-ass, to be honest.

In the end, as I said, I had fun and the game didn’t overstay its welcome. I will absolutely go back to this from time to time as – for me – a compact adventure and quick win can be a nice palette cleanser from the crushing difficulty that some games have on offer. –Shayne

It’s been nice out lately, so I’ve put on shorts a few times. Then, I’d get cold, so I’d put on a heavy sweater. My wife has asked me why I “don’t just switch the shorts for pants”? Good question. @JazzyJazzerton

36 Year Old in the Backseat – Rick V.

This is mostly a true story. I spent a good couple of hours trying to beat the last bit of Gargoyles Quest on a trip to a wedding and finally accomplished it. Except we were also chatting and Charlie introduced Eric and I to her favorite childhood song. I started playing Gargoyle’s Quest years before and kept giving up. Which is kind of like this comic, it kinda sucks. I started it weeks ago, but decided to finish it despite how bad it looks. Lil’ note, never try to objects like the interior of cars or Charlie’s hair from memory.
A reminder that you don’t have to be great at anything to contribute to Yokoi Kids!

Rick V. does punk things, writes/draws for Razorcake magazine, eats tofu, has a music podcast, and draws comics. Check him out.