December 2021 – DuckTales (1990)

GOBBLE GOBBLE and JINGLE JANGLE The holiday season is in full swing! What a gift we have for all you folks: December’s game of the month is DuckTales! Woo! This was picked by our buddy Josh Adams. Let’s see what he has to say:
I’ve been a fan of the NES DuckTales game for just over a decade when I played it for the first time. Simple but fun and full of discovery. Referencing the original show and the original characters, at every opportunity, especially my boys LaunchPad and Gizmo Duck. Now that I’m such a fan of the remake series, going back to play the NES title is even more fun than when I first played it a decade ago. So, of course, if I’m given the option to choose DuckTales on Game Boy for Yokoi Kids, a companion to the NES game, I’m going to take it.
Funnily enough, unlike a few Game Boy games from those early years, DuckTales on Game Boy actually had all of its levels redesigned from the NES game. Most likely due to a lack of space, from NES Cartridge to Gameboy Cartridge but it definitely makes for a more concise and efficient adventure.
The graphics are just as fantastic as on the NES. Almost like all of the assets were directly lifted but I think that the Gameboy sprites were redrawn but that’s my unsubstantiated hypothesis.
The music and sound effects are just like the NES, although, some notes aren’t held as long for some reason? Like, the note lengths were mistakenly cut shorter, semi-quaver instead of quaver, for example.
The only slight detriment is that the Cane Pogo ability is easy to miss if you’re near the edge of an object or ledge. Though, it’s easier to pull off, compared to the NES version. Just Jump and hold B. Done.
A short, enjoyable, pretty GameBoy romp. Genuinely simple reasons for me to choose DuckTales on Gameboy and it’s just a bonus that I have an excuse to play a game, tied to a show that I adore so much. I hope everyone who plays it for this month takes a break from the difficult, the bad, and the intense Game Boy games, lately and revisit or have a fresh experience with Scrooge McDuck.
–Josh. The guy who makes Metal songs for YokoiKids.
Thank you Josh for bestowing this classic on us to wrap up 2021. The original NES game is one of my all-time favorite video games overall. I got it for Christmas one year and remember my pops didn’t take to it like other NES games, but my mom loved it. If it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure I would have ever beat it as a kid. I was lucky to be able to watch and glean her strategies. I’m excited to revisit the Game Boy version which I recall being great, just like Josh does. Hope you all enjoy! –IF

November 2021: Battle Unit Zeoth (1991)

It’s Oct…It’s November? Why? How? Things are moving too quickly. I just started watching scary movies last night and they’re already out of season? HARUMPH. The good news is this at least means there’s a new game for the Yokoi Kids to dig into! This month we’ll be covering Battle Unit Zeoth by Jaleco! I’m excited about this one. I own it and have put a little time into it, but had a feeling it would be selected one of these days so I’ve sorta held off on getting into it.  It seems like a challenging one! This one was picked by Shayne, who had this to say:

I love ‘shoot ‘em ups’. I love them, and yet there are so many I’ve either yet to discover or have only recently discovered. Queue Battle Unit Zeoth: a mech-based ‘shoot ‘em up’ where you are the “One last hope against the Heavy Metal Horde…Battle Unit Zeoth!”.

You’ll be met with 5 stages of shooter action with a range of weapon upgrades at your disposal. A life bar and unlimited continues help to stem frustration, keeping hope alive that the next run is the one.

I hope everyone has fun with the game!”

Jaleco had some dang sleeper hits on the Game Boy like Avenging Spirit(which is now really expensive) and Fortified Zone so hopefully, this one stacks up!

This one unfortunately isn’t available on 3DS, so you will have to get this one how ever you usually get “game paks” and tell the crew what you think!

Yokoi Kids Annual #1 Pre-order Open


We put out a collaborative zine with 20+ other people. It’s 90 pages covering 25 Game Boy games through essays, ramblings, comics, illustrations, haikus, may typos, and a recipe.

Any proceeds go toward No More Deaths, a humanitarian organization based in southern Arizona. The mission of No More Deaths is to end death and suffering in the Mexico–US borderlands through civil initiative: people of conscience working openly and in the community to uphold fundamental human rights.

This is the second run. We are doing a pre-order to determine how many we need to make. The pre-order will run from Sunday, August 23 – Monday, August 31st. These should ship sometime in August.


July 2020 – Lock N’ Chase (1990)


  Why is it that Data East can’t make a competent port to any other system than the Game Boy? Lock N’ Chase is a quality arcade puzzle game where you play a round boy going through a puzzle avoiding monsters. I know, that sounds like every other arcade Pac Man clone of that era. But this one is good, I promise.

It was picked by Kyle F.who maybe had no idea this was released in July of 1990. So we are convincing you to play the Game Boy release of Lock N’ Chase on its 30th birthday! Neat huh?

You can get it for about $5-$7 or get it from the 3DS store. Play it and tell us what you think! We have had very little contributions lately so get on that.

Your Kirbys – The Yokoi Kids

We made several posts on Twitter about drawing characters from Kirby’s Dreamland. Here’s what we got!

–Game Breaker Studios @RealGBStudios

kirby_by Brett
“Look into my eyes.” –Brett @brettalanbell


– Jason Hamilton @haiirocyon

kirby_by_katie_haydenDrippy Kirby –Katie Hayden

kirby_by_RickV– Rick V. @itsmerickv



Work doodle – Rick V. @itsmerickv


KING DEDEDE (but drawn under two minutes!)

– Josh Nickerson @joshnickerson83

–Ricky Vigil @supercoolnstuff

Mistakes were made.  –Drink A Beer & Play A Game @ABeerAndAGame

dedede_by_RickVDrawn from memory at work. –Rick V. @itsmerickv