Little Boy, Big Ghost – Nolen Tabner

I started this near the end of November, hoping to create something that was closer to the aesthetic of the Link’s Awakening remake. Little did I know that I’d be sucked into jury duty for the entire month of December and wouldn’t return to finish this until the end of January. It didn’t turn out exactly how I would have liked, but I’m just happy it’s complete!

You can find Nolen at

Yokoi Kids Annual #1 Pre-order Open


We put out a collaborative zine with 20+ other people. It’s 90 pages covering 25 Game Boy games through essays, ramblings, comics, illustrations, haikus, may typos, and a recipe.

Any proceeds go toward No More Deaths, a humanitarian organization based in southern Arizona. The mission of No More Deaths is to end death and suffering in the Mexico–US borderlands through civil initiative: people of conscience working openly and in the community to uphold fundamental human rights.

This is the second run. We are doing a pre-order to determine how many we need to make. The pre-order will run from Sunday, August 23 – Monday, August 31st. These should ship sometime in August.


July 2020 – Lock N’ Chase (1990)


  Why is it that Data East can’t make a competent port to any other system than the Game Boy? Lock N’ Chase is a quality arcade puzzle game where you play a round boy going through a puzzle avoiding monsters. I know, that sounds like every other arcade Pac Man clone of that era. But this one is good, I promise.

It was picked by Kyle F.who maybe had no idea this was released in July of 1990. So we are convincing you to play the Game Boy release of Lock N’ Chase on its 30th birthday! Neat huh?

You can get it for about $5-$7 or get it from the 3DS store. Play it and tell us what you think! We have had very little contributions lately so get on that.

Your Kirbys – The Yokoi Kids

We made several posts on Twitter about drawing characters from Kirby’s Dreamland. Here’s what we got!

–Game Breaker Studios @RealGBStudios

kirby_by Brett
“Look into my eyes.” –Brett @brettalanbell


– Jason Hamilton @haiirocyon

kirby_by_katie_haydenDrippy Kirby –Katie Hayden

kirby_by_RickV– Rick V. @itsmerickv



Work doodle – Rick V. @itsmerickv


KING DEDEDE (but drawn under two minutes!)

– Josh Nickerson @joshnickerson83

–Ricky Vigil @supercoolnstuff

Mistakes were made.  –Drink A Beer & Play A Game @ABeerAndAGame

dedede_by_RickVDrawn from memory at work. –Rick V. @itsmerickv

Your Belmonts – The Yokoi Kids

We made a post on Twitter to draw some of the lesser-known Belmonts. Here’s what we got.

–Nolen Tabner @nolentabner

Belmont_byJasonHamiltonFred Belmont was a disappointing part of the lineage. Afraid to even go out for groceries. Can be often seen shivering in a wall space. –Jason Hamilton @haiirocyon

Belmontpants_byJohnnyKetchumEveryone knows that Belmont clan would never wear pants. Jean Belmont was probably a result of a curse.  –Johnny Ketchum @johnnyketchum


Linda Belmont as seen in Double Dragon. (Gameboy version) –Rick V. @itsmerickv