Peter Pepper by Derek Hunter


Pure beauty.

Derek Hunter is an animation designer monkey living in Los Angeles. In addition to his animation work on shows like DuckTales and Adventure Time, he also writes and draws Pretty Violent for Image comics. His favorite things are Game Boy and Slurpees because he’s perpetually 9 years old. Check Derek out on Twitter or Instagram. 

April 2019 BurgerTime Deluxe (1991) FOR REAL THIS TIME.

We are fully aware that we got absolutely zero of you clever kids with our month-long Speedy Gonzales April Fools joke. It’s time to play a legit fun game. That’s right! A FUN game made by Data East. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. BurgerTime Deluxe (picked by Ian Ferguson) is 24 levels of cutesy, enjoyable yet frustratingly difficult levels. I for one am delighted to take a chomp out of this game. See what I did there?

This game may cost you a little under $15 in the cartridge market. But it’s only $3 at the 3DS store. And again, we do not care if you emulate the Bajeezus out of these games.

Here’s what we want from you: Play the game. Tell us what you think in any format you feel necessary. There better be some Gatderned recipes submitted in the next two months! You do know you can submit anything for the next two months, right?

Anywho, have fun. Next months game will be picked by Erik Pierson. Cool? Cool.