I Wanted Peanuts Not Balls – Jason Hamilton

Jason Hamilton is a Forensic Scientist and wacky Cumbrian from the UK. A Keen writer usually in the Forensic Science field, but also a great lover of retro tech and media. Also likes cooking, climbing fake rock wall and horror films. You can check out more Jason on Twitter at @haiirocyon

Snoopy’s Magic Photos -Christopher and Esther

I was playing Snoopy’s Magic Show and my four year daughter wanted a turn. She beat the first four levels and struggled on the fifth level. When she was given the option to continue, she asked, “Can I please play Mario now?” Her final thoughts were, Snoopy is a good game but Super Mario Land 2 is more fun.

It looks like Snoopy missed a few. I found these two right by my favorite game store.

Christopher is  a happily married handheld enthusiast with three young children. He’s a math teacher at a school for at risk youth who also runs the school’s  gaming club. 

Esther is a four year old. Excluding cellphone apps, the first game she enjoyed playing was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 for the NES. Currently Esther’s favorite games are New Super Mario Bros for the Wii and Mario Land 2 for Game Boy.

March 2020 – Snoopy’s Magic Show (1990)


You puzzle platformer that has very little to do with the Peanuts(TM) and even less to do with Magic. None the less, it’s pretty fun and partially rage-inducing. It was picked by Josh Nickerson who had this to say about it.

“I’ve picked one that I remember fondly from my childhood, features beloved characters from a timeless comic strip, and is dirt cheap to pick up on the interwebs… Snoopy’s Magic Show. It’s a puzzle game that tasks Snoopy to rescue his bird friends in single screen rooms that contain bouncing balls and other traps. It’s not the most inspired use of the license, but it’s a decent time-waster.”

Josh is totally right! This game is very cheap and a good game to play while you’re waiting for your tea to steep. Did I just show how old I am?