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Yokoi Kids is a Gameboy Game of the Month club. Of course, we don’t like calling it that. It’s just “Yokoi Kids”.  Anybody can join and anybody can submit anything as long as it relates to that month’s game. The game is picked by a new member every month. Anybody who submits a piece will be added to the stack of who picks it.

The criteria has to be it has to be on the Ol’ black and white Gameboy and is relatively cheap. It doesn’t matter how you play the game. You can emulate the shit out of it if you need to. As long as you give it an honest shot you can submit stuff to the page.


Yokoi Kids is something we came up with after a few of my friends were comparing high scores in Gameboy Pinball games. I thought it was really fun playing the same game with other people and making chit chat about them.

I found out there was a Video Game “book club” type things on the internet but the ones I found mostly revolved around the clubs hosts with not much input from the community.

At the same time, the Gameboy has a vast library of unplayed and relatively cheap games. We started Yokoi kids because I wanted to explore these games with other strangers. And I want everybody in the “clubs” voice to be heard. Even if their voice is underutilized.

The project is collectively run with no gods and no masters. We hope that Yokoi Kids continues way after we burn out. –Rick 



How do I join your club?
Submit something about the game that Yokoi Kids is currently covering. Then BOOM you are officially a Yokoi Kid and you get to pick and game and get some SWAG in the mail. That’s really it. We don’t have meetings (we barely have collective meetings) or picnics.

What can I submit?

My friend, you can submit anything. In the past, we have received written and video reviews, comics, artwork, songs, mini-games, and audio fan fiction. We would like to see more of that plus recipes, experimental theater and whatever you can come up with!

Who actually runs Yokoi Kids?

Yokoi Kids is run by a collective. Nobody is in charge. As of today, the collective is Erik Pierson, Ian Ferguson, Rick V., Johnny E., and Nolen Tabner. We split off duties and all post on the Twitter page. If we write anything personal we will put our initials. If you ever see “YtK” in Twitter-Land it’s usually Yokoi The Kid, our little mascot.

How do you make money on this? 

We don’t. Nor do we really want to.

Can I submit a stream of me playing the game Yokoi Kids is covering?

Technically, yes. But we really REALLY don’t want to just link a bunch of streams. If you could edit down your stream and maybe post it on another video hosting site we are into that. We have turned down streams from people we really like.

Can I promote my personal project along with my submission?

Of course! We encourage it!

What if my submission is not about the game that’s being covered but a cool picture of a Gameboy or Yokoi the Kid?

We will definitely post it but not consider it a submission. You can’t be added to the queue of game selectors unless it’s about the game being covered.

How long until my submission is posted?

We really only check up on the email twice a week. Give it a while. But please feel free to post away anywhere else. We ain’t greedy.

I am picking next month’s game! What’s the criteria?

You lucky dog! Here are some quick rules about that.
-Pick something the group hasn’t played. Look at the side panel on our main page to see if what you had in mind shows up.
-Up until September 2021 we had a rule that you couldn’t pick a game if the asking price for it was over $20. But since most games are going up in price we have now allowed folks to pick a game if it’s available on the Nintendo 3DS shop. Those games are cheap and accessible to folks who may not have the know-how to emulate games. Let’s just hope the 3DS is supported in the up and coming months. But please pick something not-so-popular. There are still tons of games for the Game Boy that are great and relatively cheap. Dig deep!
-It has to be playable on the OG black and white Game Boy. So no Game Boy Color exclusive games…yet.
-Please let us know at least ten days before the month starts. That gives us enough time to do a little introductory write up. It would be great if you want to write a little something something about the game to go along with the announcement.

How do I remove myself from Yokoi Kids?

Just ask us to remove you from the email list and we will sadly do so. Also, if one of the volunteers comes across anything by you that is hateful speech toward marginalized groups such as Trans/fem/LGBTQ or anything sexist or racist, we will discreetly and politely remove you and you won’t be able to submit anything else.

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