February 2022: Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear (1990)

January is over?! One down, eleven to go! Grinding out 2022 already! I’m of course back to offer you all another game to check out and this month it’s going to be Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear. Here’s our kid on the scene Rick V. to explain:

“I thought I would be selfish this time around and pick a game. Even though it gets a lot of flak, Wizards & Warriors on the NES is one of
my favorite games. The sequels…are fine. When I found out as an adult
there was a Wizards & Warriors game I had to play it. At first, I was
impressed. The sprites looked nice, the music was pretty good and Kuros’
sword is actually useful. Then it got difficult with it’s cheap enemies,
crappy layout, and poor mechanics.

This Game Boy game gets a lot of hate that it  probably deserves. But it
plays so much better than a lot of crappier Game Boy titles.  February
is a short month, indulge me by playing this game for at least an hour.
It should at least be a good subject for some contributions.”

I’m actually pretty excited to have an opportunity to look at this one a little deeper. I’ve owned it for a while and remember not liking it much, but there’s something that draws me to the Wizards & Warriors games. They have halfway decent music and a very iconic art style. As a kid I always felt like these games had an air of mystery, that there were lots of things to discover. This pulls me in every few years and each time I realize that they’re pretty bad games with an above-average coat of paint and style. I’m looking forward to seeing if there are any positives to this entry and wringing some sort of enjoyment out of it. ADVENTURE FORTH! 
(There are no Wizards & Warriors games IV – VIII, just in case you were wondering about that)