Your Kirbys – The Yokoi Kids

We made several posts on Twitter about drawing characters from Kirby’s Dreamland. Here’s what we got!

–Game Breaker Studios @RealGBStudios

kirby_by Brett
“Look into my eyes.” –Brett @brettalanbell


– Jason Hamilton @haiirocyon

kirby_by_katie_haydenDrippy Kirby –Katie Hayden

kirby_by_RickV– Rick V. @itsmerickv



Work doodle – Rick V. @itsmerickv


KING DEDEDE (but drawn under two minutes!)

– Josh Nickerson @joshnickerson83

–Ricky Vigil @supercoolnstuff

Mistakes were made.  –Drink A Beer & Play A Game @ABeerAndAGame

dedede_by_RickVDrawn from memory at work. –Rick V. @itsmerickv

Kirby Painting – Lalena D.

Painting by Lelana

A fine painting by Lalena, who had this to say:
“I’m almost forty. I’m a gal that’s been enjoying video games for over three decades. I’ve always been drawn towards handheld gaming, thus I was thrilled to find out about Yokoi Kids.”

When Lalena is not playing games, she is likely zipping through trees down mountainsides on her mountain bike or pretending she’s thirteen carving bowls on her skateboard. Really, she’s just stuck at thirteen years of age. Hit her up on Twitter.

Kirby’s Dream Land – Kirby’s Dream Collection – DBPG

Jim takes a look at it the only way he can, through the Kirby’s Dream Collection, which is a Wii exclusive that comes with a ton of extra great content.

Drink a Beer and Play a Game are two friends, Jim and Brian, who enjoy talking about games as much as they enjoy trying new beers.

December 2019 : Kirby’s Dream Land (1992)


It’s December, so that means Yokoi Kids is two years old! Who would have thought it lasted this long!? Thanks to everybody who kept a game-of-the-month collective for a dead console alive and kicking. Anywho, this month’s game is shocker that it hasn’t been picked yet.
It was picked by Epicluca who had this to say about it:
 “Now what to say about Kirby’s Dream Land? You would think not much as it’s a fairly simple, short game that certainly is a product of its’ time, and you would be right, but it’s also so much more than that. Kirby’s Dream Land started a franchise that has lasted to this day, but was also a game that came out right around the time I started playing video games, so it holds a special place for me in that respect. And while not my favorite Kirby game, it is one that I can keep coming back to as I have beaten it countless times over the years, most of which came when I was a kid, as well as many times as an adult, really just showing it off to others who are unfamiliar with the game as it is one that is worth sharing with everyone. I personally think this is a top tier game for the Gameboy and one that you can easily pick-up and play.”

It can be picked up for $10, but you probably already have it. It’s also on the Nintendo 3DS store. Get on it!