Bimmy – Nolen Tabner

This started as a quick, dumb doodle and then turned into an excuse to refresh some 3D skills. I don’t remember if his name is Billy or Jimmy because even the file was named Bimmy.

I wanted to animate him but I made the mistake of modeling it already posed, which made rigging it too much effort for a small project.
This was made completely inside Unity3D, using a library called Clayxels. –Nolen Tabner

Nolen Tabner is a game designer and Gameboy enthusiast. Check out his stuff.

Sluggish Dragon – Derek Hunter

This drawing might make you think that I, the artist, have negative feelings about Double Dragon for the Game Boy. ON THE CONTRARY, you quick-to-judge mother fuckers. I love this game. I had it as a kid. I also had Double Dragon on the NES. I craved brawlers, and I loved them, and this is no exception. But holy fuck, they shoulda called this The Double Dragon Adventure because this game is slow as shiiiiiiit. But as a kid who grew up in the ’80s and experienced the Game Boy as a 9-year-old when it first came out, I can tell you that any portable gaming experience was a godsend after years of suffering through 13-hour road trips to Grandma’s with nothing more than a few Tiger LED handhelds (Yes, one of them being Double Dragon) and my sister’s walkman and her Go-Go’s tapes. This game is slow as fuck and I love it. I still can’t beat the 3rd mission though…

Derek Hunter is an animation designer monkey living in Los Angeles. In addition to his animation work on shows like DuckTales and Adventure Time, he also writes and draws Pretty Violent for Image comics. His favorite things are Game Boy and Slurpees because he’s perpetually 9 years old. Check Derek out on Twitter or Instagram. 

September 2020 – Double Dragon (1990)


This port of the ARCADE SMASH was picked by illustrator/game designer Ian Sundstrom. Who paraphrased this about it:
“I never had the NES version as a kid but I played this all the time over and over. Even though I couldn’t get past the third level. The menu music is banging.”

I downloaded it on the 3DS this morning and it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. The graphics are good, the music is good,  it plays good, and the sprites are kind of cute. Unlike the NES version, you get all your special moves right off the bat. Well, the spin kick and the hair-pull kick at least. It can usually be picked up for $10-$15 but there ain’t no shame in playing a rom or downloading in on the Nintendo E-Shop.