Hey there!

Want to submit something? It can be whatever you want as long as it pertains to the game of the month. We have had reviews, music, videos, comics and flash games that covered the months game in the past. Get buck wild!

Writing/Drawing/Video/Something will show up on the blog and other respective accounts. It is 100% okay to post a submission on your own page. Just send us a link.

Audio will end up on the podcast. Just be sure to give us your name and please keep it under 5 minutes.

Submissions are due the 10th of the proceeding month. But this is by no means strict. Late submissions are great.

And in all cases, anything sexist, racist, transphobic or homophobic will not make the cut.*

If your submission gets posted you are put on the cue to pick a game for everyone else to submit something for.


It’s always good to send us a little blurb with your submission so we can add it with your work. A title doesn’t hurt either. 

*If any of our volunteers come across any kind of hate speech about marginalized groups you will be discreetly and politely removed and will no longer be able to post submissions. 

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