LATE ENTRY: First Impressions of Balloon Kid – Jim from DBPG

Jim wanted to play a game for the 30th anniversary of the Gameboy. We’ll take it. We only had one submission for this amazing game.

Drink a Beer and Play a Game are two friends, Jim and Brian, who enjoy talking about games as much as they enjoy trying new beers.

February 2019 – Balloon Kid (1990)

It’s come down to a couple of things. We didn’t have anybody in the cue to pick a game this month. Submissions have been trinkling in slowly. So we are going back to letting the boys in the Yokoi Kids Collective pick the games until we get a back stock of submitters to pick games. So I am picking the game for February and that game is BALLOON KID.

Which brings us to the other thing. This game is sometimes over $10 which breaks one of our standards at Yokoi Kids HQ! We the deciders, broke our own rule! I talked about it with Ian and Erik (Nolen has a life or something) and it was decided that it’s not like we are asking you to possible pay $15 for a crappy game.

Balloon Kid is the direct to Gameboy sequel to one of my faves – Balloon Fight! You play as Alice, a young kid who has to chase down her little brother who was drifted away by some beautiful balloons through eight stages. It’s cute, it’s challenging and it’s totally worth the $10-$15 you may pay for it. OR you can just download it on the 3DS shop for $3.

Buy it, borrow it or bootleg it. Just play it. And tell us what you think in whatever form you feel necessary! Love you, bye! -RV