June 2020 – Solomon’s Club (1991)


A new game! Solomon’s Club is the follow up to it’s console counterpart Solomon’s Key. It’s a tricky puzzle platformer that takes a minute to get used to. Perfect for a Play N’ Poop (We say this all the time at Yokoi Kid HQ or at least I do). It was picked by Chris P. who had this to say about it:

“When choosing the game of the month for June, I wanted to make sure that it could be purchased easily for under $15 and was relatively obscure.  I looked at a lot of games and ultimately, I chose Solomon’s Club. 

I enjoyed Solomon’s Key for the NES which is a very similar game. A month ago I decided to purchased Solomon’s Club and look forward to playing it for the first time with you. “
Get on it! It is sadly not on the Virtual console but it’s emulatable or could be bought for under $5.  Tell us what you think! make some art, writables, or anything and we will post it if emailed to us!
Also, take care of yourself, yours, and your community.