Solar Striker: A Haiku by David Chávez

SolarStricker . May 2019byDavidChavez


David is an 80s kid, grad student, and newcomer to the retro game community. David enjoys playing classic 8bit, 16bit, and 32bit games and supporting causes to stop the growth of people in prison by investing in community-based alternatives. He is a longtime supporter of Critical Resistance. 

Solar Striker Review – Tristan W.

Video Review by Tristan W.
They had this to say about the Gameboy:

I got my console as a “hand-me-down” from my mom on January 31st, 2010. She had two consoles, AC Adapters, and two copies of Tetris. Due to an incident happening at school, I wasn’t allowed to play them… yet. Over the years, I’ve grown more fondly over the GameBoy, I do feel like it was the console that pushed the handheld market.

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May 2019 : Solar Striker


This month’s game is Solar Striker. I chose this game for several different reasons. This was the second Game Boy game I ever got as a kid besides the system’s pack in game, Tetris. I have always been a fan of spaceship shooters. I loved Galaga and Xevious already and seeing the box art for this game as a kid made it an easy choice to spend some birthday cash on. If you’re a fan of either of those games I think you’ll really enjoy this game too. I learned later in life that this game was produced by our patron saint Gunpei Yokoi which made picking this as a game of the month an easy choice. Nintendo hasn’t developed many shoot ’em ups themselves over the years so I think that this being a first party game also makes it something special. I haven’t played this game much in recent years so I look forward to going back to it again. It’s a fairly cheap and common game so I hope you’ll all join me this month in blasting the forces of Reticulon! -Erik Pierson