December 2020 – Adventure Island (1992)

Hello! As of today Yokoi Kids is three years old! I can’t believe we have kept up with it this long! Sure, people have lost interests and moved on. But our quartet of organizers still exists. Anywho, we have a new game picked by Brett, who first started getting into these shenanigans last December. He had this to say about Adventure Island:

The most confusing game series of all time gets a little more confusing on the Game Boy! Adventure Island for the black and white wonder is not a port of the first NES game but instead an ADVENTURE (HA!) heavily inspired by Adventure Island II on the NES. Get out some fresh batteries and help Master Higgins make his way through six islands of fruit gathering, dinosaur riding, time-limited follies.
I never had this one as part of my original Game Boy collection growing up but instead played it in bits and pieces on the bus to school. The kid that had it never allowed me to borrow it overnight so I only could play in 30-minute chunks during my morning and afternoon bus ride. Eventually, that kid moved away and my time with this portable ADVENTURE (AGAIN WITH THE FUNNY!) came to an end. Fast forward 30 odd some years and thanks to the power of disposable income and eBay I was able to revisit and finish the game. This is a pretty good-looking Game Boy title with some catchy tunes and fun gameplay but it is starting to go up in price so to quote one of my favorite YouTubers “play it any way you can.”

We at Yokoi Kids HQ love any game where you get to ride on a skateboard. So we will probably enjoy it. You can pick up a cartridge for about $10-$15 or just play it on the 3DS. Tell us what you think!