Little Boy, Big Ghost – Nolen Tabner

I started this near the end of November, hoping to create something that was closer to the aesthetic of the Link’s Awakening remake. Little did I know that I’d be sucked into jury duty for the entire month of December and wouldn’t return to finish this until the end of January. It didn’t turn out exactly how I would have liked, but I’m just happy it’s complete!

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Muddy Mishap – Shayne Warden

My daughter was wrestling with her brother today which promptly got me worried someone was going to get hurt; they groaned at me for breaking it up. That’s when I decided to draw this picture of Muddy and one of his kids being reckless. My daughter thought it was cute, I thought, “Can’t you see this is what it feels like to be a parent!?” -_-

Hopefully I never have to save my kids from an irate farmer. The dairy farmer down the road mean-mugs us whenever we go for a walk though...
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Lock N’ Chase Realization – Rick V.


Lupin, the protagonist robber in Lock N’ Chase is always depicted as a fancy little man. I like to pretend he’s the owner of the banks because how else does he know how to open and close barricades in the banks? The guards just have to put up with this rich buttles shenanigans. –Rick V.

Rick V. is one of the O.G. Yokoi Kids, does punk things for Razorcake magazine and Whatchubeenlisteningto?, and draws crude comics.

Untitled Artwork – Derek Hunter


A beauty.

Derek Hunter is an animation designer monkey living in Los Angeles. In addition to his animation work on shows like DuckTales and Adventure Time, he also writes and draws Pretty Violent for Image comics. His favorite things are Game Boy and Slurpees because he’s perpetually 9 years old. Check Derek out on Twitter or Instagram.