May 2019 : Solar Striker


This month’s game is Solar Striker. I chose this game for several different reasons. This was the second Game Boy game I ever got as a kid besides the system’s pack in game, Tetris. I have always been a fan of spaceship shooters. I loved Galaga and Xevious already and seeing the box art for this game as a kid made it an easy choice to spend some birthday cash on. If you’re a fan of either of those games I think you’ll really enjoy this game too. I learned later in life that this game was produced by our patron saint Gunpei Yokoi which made picking this as a game of the month an easy choice. Nintendo hasn’t developed many shoot ’em ups themselves over the years so I think that this being a first party game also makes it something special. I haven’t played this game much in recent years so I look forward to going back to it again. It’s a fairly cheap and common game so I hope you’ll all join me this month in blasting the forces of Reticulon! -Erik Pierson