Lord Reptile, Bloomington IN

Pocket Bomberman Pros/Cons


1. THE CONTROLS/GAME DESIGN. Jumping Bomberman=More exciting single player gameplay and escape opportunities from self termination. The jumping and bombing controls are very responsive. Single player mode is usually an afterthought in Bomberman games, this one (mostly) gets it right.
2. Classic Bomberman music/graphics. The bosses in particular are well designed, almost like nes bomberman meets pocket fighter on neo geo.
3. Challenging, satisfying boss fights. I died the most on the bosses but I never got overly frustrated.

1. Some of the level designs leave much to be desired. While some gameboy games offer a small yet memorable selection of levels, (Ex. Kirby’s Dreamland, Battle Unit Zeoth, Super Mario Land) Pocket Bomberman has too many forgettable levels. This coupled with lots of backtracking to hunt down that last elusive enemy makes the game feel bloated.
2. The side scrolling perspective means enemies can and will appear without warning from all angles killing you without any time to react.
3. Although the game’s focus is on single player adventure, the lack of multiplayer via link cable is questionable and feels decisively un-bomberman.



The Reptile resides in Bloomington IN. Reviews fast food and hosts Video Game Fight Night most Fridays at his home. 

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