Heiankyo Alien (1990)

This month’s game was picked by Blair from Colorful Plastic. It’s a game I have tried to play but couldn’t figure it out. I guess now is a good time to figure it out!
Blair had this to say about it:
Tom Delonge was right. The aliens have arrived and are now attacking your loved ones. What do you do? Dig a hole with a shovel, of course! I did not grow up with Heiankyo Alien but I wish I had. I don’t even remember how I came across this game but knowing me it was thanks to YouTube. Likely one of the countless “hidden gem” videos based on the Game Boy library. Heiankyo Alien is a maze chase puzzle game where your only line of defense against the invading alien race is a shovel. You run around a maze in hopes that advanced extraterrestrials capable of space travel fall into a hole you have dug in the ground. Once an alien has fallen into your trap, you must quickly bury it alive before it can escape. It’s a very simple concept but it’s done so well, not to mention extremely addictive, that you’ll wonder why it’s not more popular among retro gamers. It’s a really great game and no Game Boy collection is complete without it! I hope you all enjoy it!

So yeah! Play it and let us know what you think! Or…tell us how to play it.

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