Snoopy’s Magic Photos -Christopher and Esther

I was playing Snoopy’s Magic Show and my four year daughter wanted a turn. She beat the first four levels and struggled on the fifth level. When she was given the option to continue, she asked, “Can I please play Mario now?” Her final thoughts were, Snoopy is a good game but Super Mario Land 2 is more fun.

It looks like Snoopy missed a few. I found these two right by my favorite game store.

Christopher is  a happily married handheld enthusiast with three young children. He’s a math teacher at a school for at risk youth who also runs the school’s  gaming club. 

Esther is a four year old. Excluding cellphone apps, the first game she enjoyed playing was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 for the NES. Currently Esther’s favorite games are New Super Mario Bros for the Wii and Mario Land 2 for Game Boy.