It’s Not Cheating If The Game Lets You Do It – Shayne

I’ve really enjoyed Gargoyle’s Quest; I found it to be a challenging but fun game
with fluid control, great graphics, and solid music that really feels like it shouldn’t have been possible on a Game Boy cart in 1990. This seems to be one of those games where the stages are more difficult than the bosses and I didn’t really get stuck until Rushifell’s dungeon because it took me many, many tries before I realized that I could have been using potions the whole time…
What ended up making the game more manageable was taking advantage of a
hardware (or maybe software) exploit whereby forcing the screen to scroll
enough could make enemies/projectiles disappear or – in the case of bosses –
reset attack animations; this really clicked for me during the Four-Eyes boss fight. In any case, this game is a treasure and was a ton of fun. I love the Ghouls N’ Ghosts/Ghosts N’ Goblins series’, so I’m glad Capcom decided to greenlight a game that tells the story of Arthur’s foil. Yeah, that, and it’s pretty cool that
Firebrand’s quests started on the Game Boy.

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