January 2021 – Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Sports (1994)

Hey! It’s a new year. Let’s hope this one is at least slightly better.
Anywho, we have a new game picked by Retro from the 16-Bit Beach blog who had this to say about the game:
“I picked Wacky Sports for a couple of reasons. First being that I’m a big fan of Tiny Toon Adventures along with the other cartoons in the 90s Steven Spielberg era. The other is that it’s a Konami game and in their heyday they were usually consistent when it comes to licensed video games, having handled the Tiny Toons license very well. As for the game itself, it works well as a fun yet surprisingly challenging in places series of sport themed mini-games, as well as a couple of fun time-wasting games in the water panic and squirting challenge. And the last real reason being that it’s an overlooked game, especially in the Tiny Toons series of games, not having the same level of clout as games like Buster Busts Loose or Buster’s Hidden Treasure, or even the other two games on the Game Boy, Babs’ Big Break* and Montana’s Movie Madness.”

Hey! Finally somebody picks a Tiny Toons games. These games are usually pretty solid and worth our attention. Sadly, it is not on the 3DS store but could be picked up for around $10. So play it, and tell us what you think!

*Where you don’t play as Babs Bunny. What kind of crap is that?