Power Quest: Alternative Route – Rick V.


 I really didn’t get much from Power Quest. I thought it was extremely repetitive. I did get a strange sense of joy during the opening cutscenes. Same kid with the same creepy dead-eyed face with an alternating background. And of course the BOYS shirt. I noticed something when I was capturing screenshots to draw this. In the intro, our characters friend comes over. When the friend is talking it only shows the background. I’m pretty sure the developers just forgot to insert said friend into the scene! Anywho, enjoy this sloppy comic. This is also me experimenting with Copic markers. What do you folks think BOYS sounds like? I am imagining them sounding like the Fleshies because I am listening to the new Fleshies record right now. -Rick V.

Rick V. draws comics, records audio, volunteers at a video store and is a Razorcake magazine contributor. He is also a volunteer at Yokoi Kids HQ. Check me/him out.