June 2019 – Power Quest (1998)


What can I say about this game? Well, nothing really because I haven’t played it. It’s been compared to Pokemon, I know that. To me, it looks like a one on one fighting game where you run from house to house talking to people who make weird faces. When you get them in the right mood, they challenge you to a fight with their robot. You are allowed to customize your robots. The soundtrack is good and it’s pretty colorful if you are playing on a GB Color. Since it’s a black cart, you can play it in your grandfathers Gameboy or the Super Gameboy.

The game was picked by Mike Anthony who had this to say about it :
“I borrowed this from a kid on the school bus so many times. The fighting Game-style combat combined with simple RPG elements makes this obscure game a uniquely fun time.” 

So as we say, buy it, borrow it, or bootleg it! It doesn’t matter. Play it and let us and everybody know what you think!