Wario’s Head – Nolen Tabner


This is a silly interactive animated Wario head that I made. Click on his face to trigger a few dumb animations. No audio because I am lazy. -Nolen Tabner


Nolen Tabner is a game designer originally from DFW, TX now residing in Glendale, CA. He has worked on many games your toddler has played along with games your filthy uncle has played. He is currently working on a game called CHIMPS. Check him out. http://nolentabner.com  

Nolen Tabner (Glendale, CA)


Nolen made a damn game! You can’t play it on your phone or in certain browsers. It’s pretty fun and I’m very glad he did it. -Rick


Nolen Tabner is a game designer and Gameboy enthusiast. Check out his stuff.