May 2020 – Castlevania: The Adventure (1989)


Woah Nelly, these are some crap times. Those of us who aren’t toting assault rifles outside of city halls are trying to make the best of it. This months game is Castlevania: The Adventure, a game looks and sounds great, but has pretty horrendous gameplay. BUT we are going to make the best of it.
It was picked by Gabo, who you haven’t seen on the site at all but has illustrated some nice stuff for the upcoming anthology zine. Gabo had this to say about Castlevania: The Adventure:

Growing up poor in a middle to upper-class neighborhood meant I had a lot of friends who always had the latest gaming systems. While everyone else was playing NBA Jam and Mortal Kombat on their brand new SNES or Genesis consoles, I was enjoying the 1bit wonder that was the Atari 7800. You can imagine how incredibly ecstatic I was when my parents made the completely out-of-character decision to drop $100 on me for my 11th birthday- pretty unheard of in my family. I can still remember that brand new, super clean, electronic device smell, and the feeling I got when I realized this amazing piece of hardware came with batteries. On the drive home and all that night, I played Tetris until my eyes bled. It took me a few months to save up for my next game, so when the time came to make my purchase I pulled the trigger on something that I knew would be amazing. CASTLEVANIA ADVENTURE. A lot of you are probably going to hate me by the end of the month for picking this title, it is unforgivingly annoying in the best way possible. I picked this title because I know it’s going to be a challenge for some of you to get through. But I think you will find it incredibly rewarding when you’re able to get past the last point you died at. I never really played the NES versions, so I have no idea how it stacks up with them- all I know is it kept my attention for a very long time. To this day sometimes I wake up with the first level song stuck in my head.
I’d like to leave ya’ll with a cryptic tip: sometimes ropes don’t end.    

It’s usually about $10 for a cart and is available on the 3DS store.  Hit up your fave local game store that’s probably doing curbside pick up and get it that way. And tell us what you think! Gabo is hoping people draw some Belmonts!