August 2018: Donkey Kong Land


This months game was picked by Josh Adams. It’s the 1995 game Donkey Kong Land! At first I was like “Dude, Josh? You picked a port of an extremely popular SNES port? What the Hell!? This is Yokoi Kids, not Sloppier Handheld Version of Popular Game Kids! What’s next Josh? Ducktales!?”.

After I cooled down I did some research. This game is a very tongue and cheek self aware port. The gameplay is the same but the levels are very different. It’s got some sweet 8-bit stereo songs by David Wise. And it has some wild enhancements when you put it in the Super Gameboy.

Josh had this to say about the game:

I have a lot of memories playing that one and trying to beat it on car trips. I borrowed it from someone I went to school with, who didn’t really care about it because they had a Nintendo 64, however, I was never allowed a game console, I just had a Gameboy. I remember thinking it looked so good & it was crazy hard. Especially the mine cart levels. I did eventually beat it, which was the first time I ever beat a video game.

Okay Josh, you win. Please don’t open the package I angrily mailed you yesterday. It was full of live bees. I just realized that the bee’s would probably “bee” dead by the time they reached Australia. I hope you enjoy the dearly departed bees.

And I hope you kind folks enjoy Donkey Kong Land. It’s of course under $10 and you can download it on the 3DS shop. So send us some submissions or just let us know what you think. Thanks! -RV


And it’s still not too late to send us your submissions or thoughts on Nemesis!