May 2021 Alleyway (1989)

This month why are playing the often glossed over game Alleyway! It was picked by Chris Eugene, who had this to say about it:

Alleyway was my favorite game out of a batch of fifteen or so that Rick lent me last month. He nicely corrected me each time I called it Mario Ping Pong.
It is very straightforward. Hit all of the blocks that are able to be knocked out without letting the ball get past your lil’ bounce block or ping pong paddle or whatever you’d like to call it (please tell me).
The music isn’t my favorite, but the sound of the ball hitting off the blocks is very satisfying. There are twenty-four levels that follow the same basic pattern. First a basic layout, then the same layout with added difficulties until the next new layout. There are also a few bonus levels that are fun if you can get the ball to leave the same trajectory repeatedly. I actually only completed a bonus level once and it sure made me happy!
I sometimes searched the internet or phone game apps for this style of game and none of them were what I was looking for, but fate (Rick) has now handed this game to me! It is all I have been searching for. I made it to about level 19 with 17,000ish points when my Game Boy died. Fun to play alone or with a friend. I hope you all enjoy this game as much as I did. Happy May Day!

So yeah, give it a go! It’s only going to cost you about $6 or $3 on the 3DS store. Or just emulate it. Just play it and let us know what you think!

Kirby’s Curbland – Chris Eugene & Rick V.

Chris Eugene came up with this idea of only doing curb tricks in honor of Kirby’s Pinball Land. Rick added the sound effects and music. Shot at the skatepark in Nashville, IN.

Chris Eugene is a lifetime sk8r and punk rocker. Also a lover of plants and animals. Check out his Youtube channel or the skate video he was a part of in 2020.

Rick V. is not good at skating and has the scabby knees to prove it. He’s too old but does it anyway. He also has a website.