Cursed Sandtraps – EpicLuca

I can’t believe I played a full 18-hole course of this. It was the same thing throughout, just hit the ball with the club over and over again until you somehow fumble your way through.  Yet, this was nowhere near as bad as Ken Griffey Jr. – EpicLuca
You can check out more of EpicLuca’s stuff over at Gamebreaker Studios.

October 2019 – Golf (1990)


Golf!? Yep, Golf. But you know what? Some people say this game is actually fun. Let’s see if I believe him.  It was picked by Neil Golding who had this to say about it:

Greetings Game Boys and Ghouls. We have a special unexpected treat from the upside down of Australia. A joy for the patient and a nightmare for the hasty. Today’s matinee is GOLF for Game Boy. A launch title that scared many a child in it’s day for the stressful requirement of slowing down to think about their actions. What happened if they didn’t heed warning? Up to three Bogey monsters would haunt their score card, making them the target of embarrassment of their friends. Two players can bond their souls to risk the chance of ridicule of their rival with the mystical Link Cable. Do you dare to stick around and challenge the 36 holes of USA and Japan?

So go to your local game store, dish out a dollar and play this game and get crazy with it. Added pointed for folks who can get a Halloween theme going with this cute but basic as fug game!