May 2022: Fortified Zone (1991)

Hello and howdy from Joshua Tree, California. I’m out here celebrating Walpurgisnacht with the pals in the dry heat. We’ve cooked up food and made a bunch of drinks, but first I need to tell you all about the May game! This month we’re doing Fortified Zone. We picked this one by committee since we haven’t had any new member submissions in a while. If you’re out there, tell a friend!

Anywhooo, This is a real neat little game that combines overhead dungeon exploring in the vein of Zelda with a top down shooter like Commando or the overhead portions of Blaster Master games. You can even swap between two playable characters that have different skills; One has a jump that can be used to avoid things like spikes and pits, the other has all the special weapons, but cannot jump. I liked this game when I first played it, but only played through the first dungeon. I’m personally excited to give it another go! This should be one that isn’t too expensive, so grab the cart, emulate, do what you got to do and join us this month!

PS – It’s May Day. Support some strike funds or buy that Jorts the Cat zine, won’t you?


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