April 2022: Pokemon Trading Card Game (2000)

New month, new game! 

We’re playing Pokemon

Haha, April Fool’s, right? NO! This month we’re playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game for Game Boy! Here’s Yokoi Kids’ own Johnny Ketchum to tell us why:

“When I was a young Johnson Ketchum I loved Pokémon. I loved it so much I consumed every medium I could. So what I’m saying is I was a regular-ass grade school child with an obsession. I was walking around K-Mart with my mom and immediately ran to the electronics section to look at vidiya gamez, and there it was. A new Pokémon game?! Indeed it was, a Game Boy game based on the hit trading card game Pokémon. So yeah, I’m choosing this because I remember really enjoying this game, and it’s been a while since I’ve actually sat with a Game Boy game.”

I didn’t play this one as a kid, but got really into it in my mid-twenties. It’s a great snapshot of the card game in it’s earliest form and you can have all the fun without emptying your bank account on booster packs! I really hope people take the time to get into this one this month and enjoy it. The best part is, this cartridge seems pretty unphased by all the skyrocketing prices and only just recently crept up to twenty bucks. This means with a little hunting most should still be able to get this for around $15, our first affordable cart in a while. It’s also available on the eShop, so if you want it that way get it quick!–IF

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