January 2022 – Gargoyle’s Quest (1990)

Jeepers, folks! It’s 2022! I’m reclining in the guest room at my parents’ house in Buffalo, NY typing at you after a crazy holiday. I came home, caught COVID, ordered in a bunch of local fare, and played a whole heap of Game Boy. I went and checked out a local mall during one of the healthy days early in my trip and discovered that the whole thing had more or less been converted into independent and mom & pop shops. There were pierogi kiosks, antique shops, records… even a whole place dedicated to handmade pet treats! It was like the mall caught a flea market virus that took over the whole organism. It was super neat. While there I found a really nice copy of Gargoyle’s Quest for twenty-five bux and I couldn’t resist. I played it through or close to through in my youth, but it’s been a while so I’m very excited to revisit it because it’s the game of the month! Picked by… me! 
Let’s see what me has to say –
Gargoyle’s Quest is a great looking hybrid of RPG and platforming goodness by Capcom starring Red Arremer/Firebrand of Ghosts n Goblins fame. The game is super challenging, but rewarding, and the control scheme allows for some flying and hovering that leads to interesting level design and enemy placements. You’ll learn how to maneuver quickly or perish infinitely! The game has some old school RPG trappings that can make progress a bit difficult at times, so don’t feel bad if you pull up an FAQ so you can get back to the fun stuff. If you enjoy it, definitely check out the sequel on the NES or the absolutely gorgeous Demon’s Crest on SNES. I would LOVE to see this game series come back in some form.”
Heck yeah, me! I agree with everything you said!
The cart is about 50 bucks these days so by all means emulate away. You can also get it on the 3DS eShop for… $3.99 US, I think? CHEEP! 
Happy New Years, all! Enjoy the game!   

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