November 2021: Battle Unit Zeoth (1991)

It’s Oct…It’s November? Why? How? Things are moving too quickly. I just started watching scary movies last night and they’re already out of season? HARUMPH. The good news is this at least means there’s a new game for the Yokoi Kids to dig into! This month we’ll be covering Battle Unit Zeoth by Jaleco! I’m excited about this one. I own it and have put a little time into it, but had a feeling it would be selected one of these days so I’ve sorta held off on getting into it.  It seems like a challenging one! This one was picked by Shayne, who had this to say:

I love ‘shoot ‘em ups’. I love them, and yet there are so many I’ve either yet to discover or have only recently discovered. Queue Battle Unit Zeoth: a mech-based ‘shoot ‘em up’ where you are the “One last hope against the Heavy Metal Horde…Battle Unit Zeoth!”.

You’ll be met with 5 stages of shooter action with a range of weapon upgrades at your disposal. A life bar and unlimited continues help to stem frustration, keeping hope alive that the next run is the one.

I hope everyone has fun with the game!”

Jaleco had some dang sleeper hits on the Game Boy like Avenging Spirit(which is now really expensive) and Fortified Zone so hopefully, this one stacks up!

This one unfortunately isn’t available on 3DS, so you will have to get this one how ever you usually get “game paks” and tell the crew what you think!

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