The Classic Looney Tunes Bosses – Rick V.

I honestly think it’s great that they barely used any Looney Tunes characters as bosses in the Looney Tunes Game Boy Game. Sure, you got Marvin the Martian, Yosemite Sam, and Elmer Fudd. But let’s give props to the either half-assed or possible video game parody bosses! What’s up with the sunglasses frog who does a yoga pose and floats around the room? Why the shit is Bugs Bunny fighting a skeleton dragon at one point?!

My personal favorite is the mummy who just seems to be whistling and minding his own business until Speedy Gonzales and Bugs Bunny barge in and stomp out his happy tune.

It’s actually a fun game and I’m glad it was picked.

Rick V. draws comics, does punk things, and likes old video games. Check him out.

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