April 2019 – Catrap


These are dark times. And dark times call for a positive and adorable game that doesn’t punish you too much. Catrap is pure enjoyment with only a tad of frustration. Any mistake you make can be backed up with a push of a button. And you can start on any level you want!

It was picked by Lalena D. who had this to say about it:

“Catrap is a game that I did not grow up with. I hadn’t even heard of it until late last year. I was in my local retro game shop and saw it in the box of loose carts that every retro game store has. The label on the cartridge is what grabbed me, I thought, “How cute!”. Thus I purchased the game and took it home to play. I was pleasantly surprised. I love the rewind mechanic because generally I enjoy puzzles but hate it when trial and error involves starting the level over again. Trying to figure out the puzzles in this game is addicting and I often thought, “one more try”… which turned into much more than one last try. The game looks good too. The pixel characters are big and chunky and the screen never feels overcrowded. If you haven’t tried this game yet, I highly recommend it!”

She made the right pick! It’s under $15 for a cartridge and can be downloaded on the 3DS store. Get on it and tell us what you think!

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