January 2020 – Donkey Kong (1994)


Just like last months game, this month’s game will have everyone who participates exclaim “It’s about flippin’ time!”, in unison. Donkey Kong is a fine puzzle platformer featuring an ape, an ape child, a non-princess, and a determined carpenter…I mean plumber.

It was picked by Ricky Vigil, who had this to say about it:
“Donkey Kong (not to be confused with Donkey Kong), AKA Donkey Kong ’94 (not to be confused with Donkey Kong Country, also released in 1994), is a game that confuses you by pretending to be a remake of Donkey Kong. The first few levels are taken straight from the original ’80s arcade game, pitting the player (as Mario!) against the titular ape (this time wearing a tie!), but then it turns into its own thing–a fun, challenging but fair hybrid of platforming, puzzle-solving and good old ape bashing. I feel like it kind of got overshadowed by Donkey Kong Country, which is a shame, because it’s definitely one of the best games ever released on the Game Boy. It’s also really fun!”

So get it however you get Game Boy cartridges…excuse me, “game paks”, and tell the crew what you think!

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