December 2019 : Kirby’s Dream Land (1992)


It’s December, so that means Yokoi Kids is two years old! Who would have thought it lasted this long!? Thanks to everybody who kept a game-of-the-month collective for a dead console alive and kicking. Anywho, this month’s game is shocker that it hasn’t been picked yet.
It was picked by Epicluca who had this to say about it:
 “Now what to say about Kirby’s Dream Land? You would think not much as it’s a fairly simple, short game that certainly is a product of its’ time, and you would be right, but it’s also so much more than that. Kirby’s Dream Land started a franchise that has lasted to this day, but was also a game that came out right around the time I started playing video games, so it holds a special place for me in that respect. And while not my favorite Kirby game, it is one that I can keep coming back to as I have beaten it countless times over the years, most of which came when I was a kid, as well as many times as an adult, really just showing it off to others who are unfamiliar with the game as it is one that is worth sharing with everyone. I personally think this is a top tier game for the Gameboy and one that you can easily pick-up and play.”

It can be picked up for $10, but you probably already have it. It’s also on the Nintendo 3DS store. Get on it!

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