November 2019 – Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs (1997)


A Doom style 3D shooter for the Gameboy!? This should be interesting. JK folks, it’s a side scroller. Doesn’t look terrible though. This game was picked by Jason Hamilton who had this to say about it:

“All of the Yokoi have fond memories associated with a game and one of those childhood ones for me, is the first Turok on the Gameboy. Trust me, you will need your memory for this one. A game does not have to be fantastic to be loved, sometimes it is purely it’s place in time that mattered to you. That is what I want to share, being as we a closing on the season to bring joy and merriment to all. Alas you will find none of that in this game!

All kidding aside it is a fairly playable title for the Game Boy with half decent animation and plenty of weapons to rip apart the dinosaurs. If you can find them around being buck-shotted to death. Want my advice? Use the bloody knife.”

It ranges at about $10 and might have to be sought on the internet because you won’t find it at any thrift stores or charity shops. According to the Wikipedia, it has little to no reception. Let’s give this game something!

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