September 2019 : Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (1997)

It finally happened. A sports game! Although, the other day I was at a game store and one of the employees told me that sports games and puzzle games are one and the same. They were extremely wrong but I bought my Kunio Kun foot race game anyway.  But this isn’t about me! This is about a boy named Ken Griffey Jr and the enjoyable SNES game he slapped his name on. Oh, wait! We are talking about the Game Boy version.
Are all the players ghosts? Why did David Chávez pick this one?

“The cool thing is that unlike the SNES version (and correct me if I’m wrong) is that the Game Boy version has the MLB players association license so you get all the names and stats of the players from 96′ which is really cool. And that year was probably the height of my own MLB fandom as I was playing Little League and rooting for the Angles which continued to struggle throughout the decade. But when you live 20 minutes from the stadium what is a kid supposed to do?  But even with that added bonuses, it’s still a baseball game on the Game Boy so it is what it is. “

Okay David, you win. You do write a nice Haiku.

So get nuts kids! This game can be bought for a buck and a half and it’s not like you have to play a whole season (mad props if you do)? And of course, you can just submit a video of gameplay with audio reviewing the game. But I bet that’s been done! Get weird with Ken Griffey Jr.!


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