August 2019 – Tetris (1989)


 This is the 21st game picked for Yokoi Kids and it’s probably about time somebody picked Gameboy’s original “killer app”. The game that got grandmothers to buy Gameboys! The game that made Alexey Pajitnov a household name! That’s right, it’s friggin’ Tetris! This game was picked by PsychoLavos, who had this to say about it.

“Ever since I inherited my mom’s Gameboy in January 2010, I’ve played more Tetris than any original Gameboy game to date.” – Tristan W. (PsychoLavos)

So pull some change out of your couch and purchase it almost anywhere. Or borrow it or bootleg it! We don’t care. We just want to hear from you. Get weird, folks!

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