Bueno Power Fight Hour 11: Power Quest – Arthur Bueno

My name is Arthur Bueno and I am an artist and a lover of fighting games. I’ve recently opened up this segment on my BUENO POWER YouTube channel called “Bueno Power Fight Hour” which I showcase fighting games played on a MixBox style format. Basically, I’m playing these games to see if they:
  1. play better
  2. make the game fun
  3. see if new strats could be created when you couldn’t do it on an original controller or fightstick.
Sometimes certain commands are hard to execute and I think that playing these games with this MixBox controller layout could potentially make the player view the game in a different angle.
Power Quest was a perfect example as the game was not only fun but executing certain commands and combos was easier for me to do. The game almost plays like Super Street Fighter II Grand Master Challenge.
Check Arthur out. arthurbueno.com

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