July 2019: Batman: The Video Game

Batman with a gun! What could go wrong?” – Nolen

As most of you know, the Batman NES game is really good. It’s time to play the NES versions little brother which should have been called Batboy. Whose with me?

This game was picked by cartoonist Derek Hunter and he had this to say about it.

“While it may not be the case so much these days, movie tie-in games on the ’80s and early ’90s were almost universally utter dog shit. Such was not the case with the early Batman games, and Batman for the Gameboy is no exception. I got this right after it came out, and while the graphics are a bit dumpy and simple, the gameplay hooked me right away. Batman’s carefully crafter design caters to gameplay approaches of all kinds with its wide array of weapon power-ups, Batarang force fields (to collect, power up, and avoid losing to enemy fire) and interesting level design; making this simple platformer one that can be revisited over and over without getting bored. For those of us who adopted the Gameboy early on, this was the game that proved to us what the handheld was capable of.”

Time to control little Batman and tell us what you think. Through reviews, art, songs, or whatever! Get buck wild! Better yet, get bat wild!

Anybody still with me?

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