TMNT On My Tail – Johnny Ketchum

Hey hey Yokoi Kiddos!

Johnson Ketchup here again, talking about turtles and foot! Hate to do this to y’all off the bat but man.. I kinda got a deep seeded disdain for this one— but it’s nothing about the game itself, it’s how suggesting the game came to me.

I live in Los Angeles, and predominantly skate/walk everywhere! I was leaving work one late night and walking down the street only to see a massive unit of a man, decked out in a trench coat and fedora.. thought it was a bit odd but proceeded by anyway, that’s when it happened.

“HEY” in a gruff voice, I turn to see this large man wider than tall, was now right behind me and no longer in his weird dark corner, I decided I better walk a bit faster because shoot you never know!

I picked up the pace and all of a sudden for other guys are just waiting for me in some shadows! Why the hell are there so many shadows on a street!? Long story short they beat me up and left this game for me demanding I play it. Which, could have been worse? I mean, I got a little roughed up but.. yeah, they still gifted me with this really cool game!

It’s just too bad I can’t appreciate it the same because I got beat up! Oh well, I’ll try my best!

Popped that babycakes in and started playing, sweet turtles theme!


1990 was a helluva year! I was… 3 heck yeah raddest of times. Anyway I press start… and oh my god no..


Why you gotta be so big bro? Like.. man, this is the one thing that drives me nuts! It’s not as bad as a lot of games that have this issue, so it’s cool keep on rolling.


Oh foot clan you look like an alien and you’re also very large, it’s fine though.. this game is fun!

Alright now that those turtle bros are gone I just wanna say this game drove me nuts, easy as all hell, music that is literally maddening.. ULTRA WHAT DID YOU DO?

Shoot they’re back.. so yeah fun stuff! Oh hey here’s Rocksteady that’s cool..


Beat his buns so now what do I do? Oh next stage already?? Cool..

Gone again oh my god this game, man I was playing Baseball on Gameboy and had a game last longer than this whole game, mostly because I smash at baseball and can be at bat forever..

They’re on to me!!

Johnny Ketchum is a writer/weirdo currently living in Los Angeles, CA. He would probably want you to check out his show Whatchu Been Listening To?He is on the Twitterz where he rants about baseball. 


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