Funk For the Red October – Johnny Ketchum

COMRADES! Welcome to Yanni Yetchum’s Hunt for Red October review, if you don’t know, I’m pretty bad at the vidiya gamez, but I love em. I saw Yokoi Kids were playing this one and I thought, well I better get on to checkin it ooout.


Right away with the hammer and sickle, my comrades! Oh two players? I always wondered if people took advantage of two player switching off on who gets to handle the GB as the cool kids say, I never got an answer because straight up my only friend was my sister and I just played all the games.


ANYWAYS, after the intro it gives you a map with a little arrow growing with a submarine poopin right out. At first I thought what the funk is this, but I knew my Yokoi Kids weren’t gonna lead me astray!


Level one begins and— oh my god… the Yokoi Kids have lead me astray! Why is this sub so big!? Why is everything so tight!? Gah! This is my biggest GB (cool kids never forget) pet peeve. Why so large? There’s no need.


Every thing is an obstacle, I got hit up by a tiny sub immediately and FUNK this game!

…No seriously, I’m not playing anymore of this game. That tiny sub DESTROYED me, I had zero fun and will no longer consider The Hunt For Red October my Comrades.

Johnny Ketchum is a writer/weirdo currently living in Los Angeles CA. He would probably want you to check out his show Whatchu Been Listening To?. He is on the Twitterz where he rants about baseball. 

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