October 2018: Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1991)


Friends of the revolution it is time for the greatest month of the year, October! Yes indeed the air will be brisk! The leaves will be crunchy! The apples will be delicious and those hoodies quite comfortable! Provided you live in an area where you have seasons. I do not.

You are not here for an ode to the season, though. Oh, no! You are here for our Yokoi Kids game of the month. We “boys in the back room” thought it might be fun to pick something a little spOOky but a lot of the most obvious suggestions, like Belmont’s Revenge or Kid Dracula, fall outside of our price guidelines. After a little mulling on the topic we’ve decided on Gremlins 2, a game based on the more comedy of the two comedy/horror classics. I’m calling both of them classics. Deal. With. It.

Grab a copy and join us! It looks to be a fairly cut and dry platforming romp through the Clamp building with nice graphics and decent music! As always ANYONE can submit ANYTHING related to or inspired by the game! Send us a review, draw a picture, remix music, etc. Check out past games for examples. Have fun!  -IF


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