Erik Pierson (AZ)

This month’s game is not a game that I owned until very recently. I picked it up this weekend at the SoCal Retro Gaming Expo. I’m glad that I found it there because I was having trouble finding a copy locally. I’m also glad I found it because it’s a game that’s been on my want list for a while. Partly because I’m a huge Bomberman fan and partly because it’s one of the games designed to do cool things with the Super Game Boy. Super Game Boy enhanced games is a subset I’m trying to complete.


  I brought a GB Boy Colour with me to California so I popped the game in right when I got back to my hotel room. Right from the start this game oozed “Bomberman” and I was smiling. I chose to play the Normal Game first. I will start by saying this is the mode I had the most fun with. I found the mix of the classic Bomberman game play, platforming, and light puzzle solving to be a joy to play. I will say jumping with the B button took a bit to get used to. Once you adjust to that though the controls feel great.

I then tried the Jump Game. While this mode was fun, I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much. Possibly because I’m not good at it. This mode kind of reminds me of the Balloon Trip mode in Balloon Fight. Probably because I’m a huge fan of Balloon Fight but I’m terrible at the Balloon Trip mode too.

I of course tried this game out in my Super Game Boy as well on my SNES. I found the game to be a real treat when played in this manner. It has special Super Game Boy exclusive boarders and it looks and plays great on a CRT television. The color they added for the Super Game Boy looks nice too.


 I also made sure to try this game out in a regular old gray brick Game Boy. I was pleasantly surprised to find the game to be pretty playable on it. I wasn’t really able to play last month’s game on it, so this game earns extra marks this month.


  I’m very glad this game is in my collection now. I’ll definitely be putting a lot of time into it in the future. I’d also have no problem recommending this game to someone. As a long time fan of the Bomberman series this is quickly becoming one of my favorite Bomberman games to play.

Erik Pierson runs the noteworthy Retail Archaeology Youtube Channel. You should check that out!

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